• The episode's title is a pun on the word "roommates".
  • This is one of the few episodes where the word "doom" is used in a title, but dosen't involve D.O.O.M. itself.
  • This episode introduces The Chameleon, a shape-shifting villain with eyes that are always looking in different directions.
  • Injuries Caused by Dudley: 17 (three of them being Kitty)
  • When Dudley blows up Kitty's photo album, you can see various pictures from her childhood flying through the smoke if you freeze the screen.
    • The Pictures include:
    1. Kitty as a Baby.
    2. Baby Kitty playing with her first yarn ball.
    3. Kitty as a little girl with braces.
  • Kitty's "nine lives" are a reference to the common myth that cats have nine lives.
  • This is the first time (and so far the only) Kitty's whiskers are shown.
  • Learning how to handle weapons seems to be Dudley's last training session, because in later episodes Kitty doesn't seem to train him anymore.
  • If you listen carefully when The Chameleon counts how many times he blows up Kitty, she yells "OW!" in the same tone he counted.
  • This is the first episode where the prison is shown.


  • When the Chameleon is in the bomb cage, Kitty blows him up, but the bomb can't be seen.
  • The bomb shows eight blowups and Kitty lost eight or her nine lives by those eight explosions. Then the Chameleon is in the bomb cage, and Dudley "accidentally" blew him up which is nine blowups. But Kitty blows him up another time, even though there are a total of nine bombs, so there are ten blowups. However, the tenth blowup was possibly for Dudley for when the Chameleon would be captured and placed in the glass, another possibility is it was a backup bomb for Kitty to make sure it did the job or to kill Dudley.
  • Kitty supposedly lost eight of her nine cat lives after being blown up eight times, but the Chameleon (who is implied to have one life) was blown up twice and still lived.
  • How can Kitty and the Chameleon survive in the glass? There were no air holes. However, the could have survived on the oxygen that was already under the glass when it was brought down.
  • When the Chameleon is done being disguised as a light bulb, the light bulb is still seen. Since the light bulb is really him, the light bulb should no longer be there after he goes back to his normal form.
  • When Dudley pulls the bound Kitty out of the chair, he pulls her out from behind the chair and the ropes remain unscratched, despite Kitty having passed through them.
  • In this episode the Chief states that not every cell has a light bulb but every cell has a pipe organ. But in Dog Dish and Puppy Love, there are no pipe organs.
  • A possible goof is that Kitty was able to run with Dudley at the end of the episode, even though her whiskers were still gone.
  • According to The Chief, not every cell has a light bulb. However, it is shown that the Chameleon had fused himself with the light bulb meaning there was already a light bulb in his cell to begin with, contrary to the Chief's claim.

Running Gags

  • People mispronouncing the Chameleon's name as "Cham-ah-lee-on".
  • Dudley stating that he should have read the manual.
  • Dudley shouting, "Or should I say THE CHAMELEON!" in accusation of the Chief, Keswick and Kitty being the Chameleon in disguise (ironic because the Chameleon later disguises himself as Dudley to fool Kitty).
  • Kitty constantly losing her balance, because she doesn't have her whiskers.

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