• Dudley: "So it toasts bad guys."
  • Kitty: "No, it toasts bagels."

  • Dudley: "Sorry, Chief. Or should I call you THE CHAMELEON!" (hits the Chief by using Kitty)
  • Kitty: "Stop using me to hit people, Dudley! Or should I call you THE IDIOT!"

  • Dudley: (upon meeting the Chameleon for the first time) "Dude, I'm sorry, but what is up with your eyes?! They're freaking me out!"

  • Dudley: "Hey, it's Kitty on a pogo stick!"
  • Kitty: (frees her mouth from the Chameleon's tongue) "It's the Chameleon, you idiot!"
  • Dudley: "Oh no! It's the Chameleon on a pogo stick!"

  • The Chameleon: "It is I, the Cham-ah-lee-on! Oh, drat! I mean, the Chameleon!"
  • Dudley: (whispering to Kitty) "Is he looking at us? I can't tell. One eyes is looking at the floor, the other one is just freaking me out."
  • Kitty: "Just blast him!"

  • Dudley: "Billy Batswell, peel my rat?"

  • Dudley: "Man it's hot in here."

  • The Chameleon: "The Cham-ah-lee-on! Oh, darn it, you know what I mean!"

  • Dudley: "Duh! He's disguised as the pipe organ! Thank you!"
  • Dudley: "Boy, I really feel bad for wreaking Kitty's place, but the important thing is she's safe."
  • Dudley: "You're going DOWN, Chameleon!" (attacks hat rack)
  • The Chameleon: "OOH, LADY BUG!"

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