• Dudley: "I'm a little nervous, Kitty. You know, in some countries, it's weird if you don't wear pants."
    Kitty: "That's weird... everywhere."

  • Kitty: "There it is, Dudley - London, England. Also known as the U.K.!"
    Dudley: "Okay!"
    Kitty: "U.K."
    Dudley: "No way."

  • Dudley: "I don't know what he's saying. But judging from the pictures, I'd say we're getting fancy hats and a chicken dinner!"

  • Dudley: "Okay Biff, no one here is the Chameleon! But don't worry, I'll keep spitting hot tea on people until I find him. It's what heroes do."

  • The Chameleon: "Hihihihihihihihiii.. I am the double-decker Chameleon. Now with two levels of evil!"

  • The Chameleon: "I am a tennis ball! So fun to fetch. Bounce bounce, Wimbledon, double fault."

  • The Chameleon: "Hello, it is I, the Chameleon!" (people stare) Well, I mean Lord.. of the Flies."

  • Kitty: (excited) "Dudley, she's going to knight us!"
    Dudley: (whispers) "But it's daytime..."

  • Dudley: "Can you understand me?"
  • Dudley: "HELLO!? Can someone get me a doctor?"

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