"Dog Dish (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 10
Dog Dish Title Card.png
Production Code: 110B
Airdate: January 15, 2011
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Mad Cow
Wild Turkey
Crazy Horse
Kung Pow Chicken
Writer(s): Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Director(s): Michelle Bryan
Storyboards by: Aaron Hammersley
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
Watch Dog
Mind Trap

This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, Dog Dish from season 1. It aired on January 15th, 2011.


  • (The episode starts at T.U.F.F. HQ)
  • The Chief: Agent Katswell, What's the status on Agent Puppy's trip to the vet.
  • Kitty: Dudley has a rash, and the doctor put a cone around his neck to keep him for scratching. He's really embarrassed about it so don't mention it.
  • Keswick: We're T.U.F.F. agents, desecration is our m-m-middle name. (Pause) Holy Cow! He looks like a snack bowl with paws!
  • Kitty: Keswick!
  • Dudley: It's fine, Kitty, I'm okay with the cone, it's kinda awesome. (begins crying) Oh! Who am I kidding, I hate this cone! Will somebody please scratch my rash! 
  • Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief: (in unison) NO!!
  • The Chief: My eyes! 
  • Dudley: Okay, just stand there, and I'll rub my butt up against you! 
  • The Chief: Keswick! Activate the rash shield!
  • (Keswick activities rash shield and it rises up in front of the Chief to guard him from Dudley's butt.)
  • (Dudley attempts to bite his butt viciously, but his cone prevents him from doing so)
  • (Keswick and the Chief laugh) 
  • Kitty: Guys! Cut it out!
  • (Keswick and The Chief continue laughing) 
  • Keswick: Yeah, he can't help it if he looks like a f-f-floor lamp.
  • (Keswick and The Chief laugh again)
  • Dudley: I can hear you Keswick. This cone amplifies sound and smell. Hey! Is someone making a raspberry, chocolate bun cake? (sniffs again) With farm fresh eggs from the north shore of New Zealand. 
  • (timer rings and the Chief removes a raspberry, chocolate bun cake with farm fresh eggs from the nor shore of New Zealand)
  • The Chief: Ahh! Incredible! That's the exact recipe I got off of Snaptrap's blog. (pulls out a remote, pushes button and the computer turns on) Hey, he may be the leader of D.O.O.M., but he's a wizard with desserts. Check out this recipe for Evil Fruit Cake.
  • Kitty: Whoa! According to his blog, Snaptrap has an invisibility helmet.
  • The Chief: Even worse! He took down the recipe, Oh, I hope he left his joke of the day. (lights go out and back on because Dudley is rubbing his butt against the light switch.)
  • Dudley: If Snaptrap can turn himself invisible, theirs no telling what diabolical evil crimes he could commit.
  • (scene changes to D.O.O.M. HQ)
  • Snaptrap: I'm gonna use this invisibility helmet to get into the movies for free! (laughs wildly)
  • Ollie: I don't mean to criticize boss, but why not use the helmet for something a little more villainous.
  • Francisco: Yeah, like sneaking into Petropolis Prison and releasing all the most evil inmates.
  • Snaptrap:  Okay Francisco, when you get your own bad guy agency, you can do that, but I'm not forking out $13.50 for a cheesy romantic comedy! Don't freak out, but I'm about to vanish before your very eyes. (laughs wildly and puts on invisibility helmet) (acts like he is invisible when he isn't) Spooky, Huh? Ooooh! Ooooh! Francisco, someone's taking your juice box. Ooooh! Larry, your getting a ghostly wedgie. 
  • Larry: Stop it, Snaptrap, I can totally see you. 
  • Snaptrap: Oh, really. (dunks Larry in shark tank) (shark eats Larry and Larry screams wildly) Well, now you can't see anything. Oh, you really could see me. Darn it, I had it set to visible. (There's still his head) There, now I'm totally invisible. Let's hit the multiplex. You probably don't know this, but I left.
  • (scene returns to T.U.F.F. car)
  • Kitty: I'm not sure you should be driving with that cone covering your eyes. 
  • Dudley: I'm not going to let this thing stop me from being a super cool T.U.F.F. agent. Why is this road so bumpy?!
  • Kitty: Cause your driving up the escalator at the mall. (outside the car shows citizens screaming and shouting and falling down the ledge.)
  • Dudley: That explains the flying shopping bags and screams of panic.
  • Keswick: (on monitor) Agent Katswell and Snack bowl, Snaptrap is at the movie theater. If you act fast you can c-c-confiscate the invisibility helmet.
  • The Chief: And tell him to put back the joke of the day.
  • (at the movie theater) Snaptrap: Watch this visible losers! I'm gonna sneak into the theater and not pay. 
  • Unnamed Ticket Salesman: Your totally paying for the floating head.
  • Ollie: (sighs) (hands the salesman the money due for the movie) 
  • (T.U.F.F. Mobile crashes near the movie) Unnamed Ticket Salesman: Ahhh! (Dudley and Kitty climb out with sunglasses on because of the crash) 
  • (At popcorn stand) Snaptrap: Ooooh! Your chocolate raisins and extra large root beer are magically floating away!
  • Unnamed Popcorn Stand Saleswoman: That'll be $37.50. 
  • Ollie: (sighs) (hands her the money and walks away)
  • (Kitty and Dudley jump into the scene at the theater just as Snaptrap's head floats away)
  • Kitty: Whoa! That's just not right! 
  • Dudley: Your telling me, their charging 8 bucks for nachos!
  • Kitty: No, I mean Snaptrap's floating head.
  • Dudley: I've got a hunch that rest of him is around here somewhere! Let's get him!
  • (they jump out of screen)
  • (Kitty tackles the floating head, but is tackled by Dudley and lets him get away) (they fight and pull the unnamed popcorn saleswoman and the rest off D.O.O.M. into it)
  • Dudley: WHAT HAPPENED?!
  • Kitty: (sigh) Snaptrap got away, and you cuffed me to the concessions lady. 
  • Dudley: I'm sorry Kitty,  I can't see anything with this stupid cone on me head! But on the bright side, it's filled with chocolate raisins and root beer. (sips straw)
  • (scene changes to the T.U.F.F. Mobile on the road)
  • Keswick: (on monitor) Guys. I have new Intel, but first I wanna show my brother-in-law that s-s-silly cone your wearing. Check it out Stan.  Was I right? (both Keswick and Stan laugh accordingly) Anyway, we just learned Snaptrap is h-h-h-heading to the water park.
  • Kitty: What's he up to?
  • Keswick: How should I know? Your the secret agents. Keswick out! Oh, Wait! Stan wants to see the cone again. (Stan laughs)
  • (Scene changes to the water park)
  • (inside the D.O.O.M. Mobile) Snaptrap: Guys! That whole free movie thing was really cool, but not I'm going to take it up a notch. Oh, by the way, I'm over here! (waves to the other member of D.O.O.M.) Oooh!
  • Francisco: Are we going to release those evil inmates boss?!
  • Snaptrap: Noo! Mr. I've only got one idea and I keep repeating it. I'm not wasting my invisibility power on some lame o jail break. 
  • Ollie: Then, what are we doing boss?! 
  • Snaptrap: Something super evil! I'm going to sneak into the water park and cut in line on all the rides! (laugh evilly and going into the water park) 
  • Unnamed Ticket Salesman: Hold it! Mr. floating head!
  • Snaptrap: Whoa! Wait a minute! I'm a floating head! Boy, that's creepy! (takes off helmet and becomes fully visible) Oh, here's the problem, I had this thing set to partly invisible! (turns the helmet to fully invisible) My mom bought me the stupidest invisibility helmet! (turns completely invisible and sneaks into the water park) 
  • Unnamed Ticket Salesman: I know he's there, you still have to pay for him! 
  • Ollie: (sighs) (hands him the money and walks inside) 
  • (Scene changes to a child sliding down a slide at the water park) (the T.U.F.F. sub is where the child lands so they feel a sharp pain) 
  • (Snaptrap is shown invisibly walking by and knocking people out of the way.)
  • Snaptrap: Excuse me!  Move it or lose it sister! Invisible guy coming through! Out of my way! (Knocks kid out of the way at the top of the slide) Wheee!!! (slides down slide) 
  • Kitty: That's Snaptrap! His helmet must finally be working! 
  • Dudley: Let's get him! (scratches butt along torpedo launcher) (activates torpedo launcher) Oops! I think I accidentally fired the torpedoes. (torpedoes fire, go up slide, back down again, and destroy the T.U.F.F. sub)
  • (both Dudley and Kitty scream and fly out of the water park) (bird fly into Dudley's cone to drink the water from the blast) 
  • (scene changes to D.O.O.M. HQ)
  • (Snaptrap floats into D.O.O.M. and removes the invisibility helmet) Snaptrap:  Now, I'm going to use my helmet and commit my most diabolical plan yet! It's completely original in every way! I'm going to release the most evil inmates for Petropolis Prison! 
  • Larry: That was Francisco's idea!
  • Snaptrap: Oh, then I guess putting you back in the shark tank was Francisco's idea too. (activates shark tank and it slam dunks Larry into it) 
  • (scene returns to the water park) 
  • Keswick: Agent Katswell and Bird Bath, Snaptrap is staging a jail b-b-break. 
  • Kitty: Luck for us, the prison's right next to the water park. 
  • (drives T.U.F.F. mobile to the prison next door)
  • Dudley: You go ahead Kitty, I've messed up enough today, with this cone I'm useless to everyone, except these little birds. (more bird fly onto Dudley's cone) 
  • Kitty: I'd argue with you Dudley, but you did chain me to a concessions lady and blow me up with a torpedo. (jumps into the prison)
  • Dudley: Will you scratch my butt little bird? (bird says nothing but eyes open wide)
  • (scene changes to the inside of the prison) 
  • Snaptrap: (laughs as he takes the prison cell keys and looks at the tied up wardens) (he unlocks all the cells letting all the prisoners out) Mad Cow, Wild Turkey, Crazy Horse, and Kung Pow Chicken, your all free as birds, except for you Mad Cow and Crazy Horse, your free as a cow and a horse! With the money I saved by not paying for the movies, or the water park, (Ollie and Larry frown because Ollie did have to pay for both of the for mentioned) I was able to buy a whole bunch of invisibility helmets! Now, you'll all be part of my invisible army of evil! Together, we will spread chaos and mayhem throughout Petropolis!  
  • Kitty: Your not spreading any thing anywhere! 
  • Snaptrap: Activate your helmets, my barnyard army of doom!
  • (everyone activates their helmets, but like Snaptrap before, they only set it to partly invisible so they have floating heads)
  • Snaptrap: Okay, nothing to be ashamed of, I made the same mistake, turn the dial a notch to the right. Now, attack Agent Katswell!
  • (everyone becomes invisible and attempts to attack Kitty)
  • (Kitty is tossed around by the invisible army and calls for Dudley)
  • Kitty: Dudley, HELP!
  • Snaptrap: Don't waste your breath, the walls in this place are ten feet thick, no one will ever hear you!
  • Kitty: Dudley, Help! Help! Help!
  • Dudley: Oh, no little birds, Kitty's in trouble! Let's go! Up, up, and away! (the birds carry Dudley inside the prison) 
  • Kitty: Hii, Hoo, Ahh. (attempts to fight the invisible villains, but can't to due the fact that they are invisible)
  • Dudley: Great Kitty! There's a jailbreak on and your dancing!
  • Kitty: (Invisible Villains bouncing her with her tail) No Dudley! Snaptrap's given all the inmates invisibility helmets! You can't see them!
  • Dudley: No, but thanks to this cone, I can hear them. There's a cow to your left and a chicken to your right!
  • (Kitty kicks both of them, the become un-visible into their cells and locks to doors) 
  • Dudley: And I hear a horse and turkey, right there and there!
  • (Kitty punches and kicks them back into their cell)
  • Kitty: Good job, Dudley, but Snaptrap and his men are still invisible!
  • Dudley: Not for long, (sniffs the area and finds Snaptrap's odor) I smell rats.
  • Snaptrap: Oh, that's super original, like I haven't heard that one before. (Dudley punches Snaptrap knocking off his invisibility helmet and into a prison cell) (he pounds Francisco on the head knocking him into a cell) (he butts Ollie and Larry into a prison cell as well)
  • Dudley: Nice job, Kitty!
  • Snaptrap: Looks like we're roomies, by the way, why do they call you crazy horse cause you pay full price for movies? 
  • Crazy Horse: Nope, just chain saws. (he gets up with a chain saw and a crazy look on his face)
  • (scene goes to the outside of the prison as Snaptrap screams because of Crazy Horse's chain saw craze)
  • (scene changes to T.U.F.F. HQ)
  • Dudley: Man, I'm glad my rash finally cleared up, and I got rid of that silly cone. Who know bird poop made such a good rash cream?
  • Kitty: Yeah, well, everyone was wrong to laugh at you Dudley, that cone saved the day!
  • Keswick: Hey, has anyone seen Agent Puppy, we got the p-p-party mix and need a bowl! (both Keswick and Stan laugh)
  • Dudley: Little bird army, attack! (the birds attack Keswick and Stan and carry them off)
  • Kitty: Really smooth, Dudley.
  • Dudley: Thanks, now if you'll excuse me. (Dudley uses the invisibility helmet to turn himself invisible, but like Snaptrap, and the others who used the helmet, he turns the helmet to partly invisible leaving his head visible) You probably don't know this but I left! 
  • (Kitty and Dudley's floating head jump into a the end screen)
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