• This episode resembles the episode Now You See Him, Now You Don't from the TV show Get Smart, where the villains, KAOS, try to convince the good guys CONTROL agency, that they can turn anyone invisible.
  • Dudley has to get a cone around his neck even though the rash is on his butt. Dogs get cones over their head so that they don't chew on an injured area while it heals.
  • Snaptrap's invisibility helmet is similar to Keswick's invisibility ray that he used in Internal Affairs.
  • Bird Bath, and Beyond is a parody of Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
  • This is the second time we see a close-up of Dudley's butt. The first time was in The Doomies and the another time was in Doom & Gloom.
  • Look Closely: The sign in front of the prison says "DO NOT PICK UP HITCH-HIKERS"
  • The waterpark is named after the superhero Wet Willie from The Fairly OddParents episode Power Pals.
  • When D.O.O.M is at the theater, there is a movie poster called Fins. This is a parody of Jaws. There is also another poster that says Cheesey Romantic Comedy, referring to earlier in the episode where Snaptrap rants about not paying for a cheesy romantic comedy.

Running Gags

  • Someone at a register says that Ollie has to pay for Snaptrap (who mistakenly believes he can't be seen).
  • Keswick and his brother-in-law making fun of Dudley's cone.


  • When Snaptrap was thrown in the cell where Crazy Horse and Wild Turkey are in, Wild Turkey is no where to be seen.
  • Dogs can't have chocolate because it is poisonous to them, however they can't have raisins either so its pretty much a double whammy.
  • When Dudley tells Kitty where the inmates are he says that Mad Cow is on her left and Kung-Pow Chicken is on her right. But when Kitty kicks them Mad Cow is on her right and Kung-Pow Chicken is on her left.
  • There are light bulbs in every cell in this episode. But in Doom-mates the Chief points out that not every cell has a light bulb but every cell has a pipe organ.
  • There are two Mad Cows one for this episode and a female one in The Doomies; this probably implies that they are related somehow (e.g. siblings or married)

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