"Dog Daze (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 11
Dog Daze Title Card.png
Production Code: 106A
Airdate: November 27, 2010
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Director(s): Ken Bruce
Storyboards by: Dave Thomas
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
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This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Dog Daze" from Season 1. It aired on November 27, 2010.


  • (The episode starts with Snaptrap's giant robot [which resembles him] terrorizing Petropolis; Snaptrap, Ollie, Larry and Francisco are inside)
  • Snaptrap: (laughing) "My new giant robot is the bee's knees! I can terrorize all of Petropolis. Plus, I can see my house from here." (controlling robot) "Hi Mom! Get out of my room!"
  • Ollie: (holding a cup of tea) "So, what crime are we gonna commit first boss?"
  • Snaptrap: "We're gonna rob a gas station.. 'cause this thing gets like, no mileage."
  • Larry: "Uh, my dancer outfit is too tight."
  • Snaptrap: "For the last time, you're not a dancer! I'm just trying to give us a new look. DEAL WITH IT!"
  • Francisco: (holding a mirror) "I don't mind the new look, but the new names you gave us are really lame."
  • Larry: "Yeah, I hate being Professor Pink."
  • Snaptrap: "Oh, well, maybe you'd rather be Professor Pavement! Sneeze button!" (presses sneeze button; Larry is ejected through robot's nostrils)
  • (meanwhile Dudley is charging through highway traffic in the T.U.F.F. Mobile)
  • Kitty: "Dudley, I know you're trying to catch a giant robot but you have to be more careful!"
  • Dudley: "There's a giant robot?! I was just chasing down that ice cream truck." (looks) "Hey, whaddya know there is a giant robot." (robot fires lasers at buildings) "I bet that thing gets like no mileage." (tears control yoke-shaped steering wheel from dashboard) "Kitty, take the wheel!" (hands it to her and ejects from the car with his seat jetpack; Kitty screams and crashes)
  • (Dudley flies into the robot's head)
  • Dudley: "Freeze Snaptrap!"
  • Snaptrap: "It's not Snaptrap, it's General Periwinkle!"
  • Dudley: "Anyway, you and your dancer friends are all under arrest."
  • Snaptrap: "We're not dancers it's a look!"
  • Dudley: (jets off to robot's control panel and pulls switches causing robot to move) "Sorry I wasn't listening. You know what they say.. in one ear, and out the other!"
  • (Snaptrap, Ollie and Francisco fall out of robot through ear and fall onto Larry, who just managed to scrape his way above the pavement)
  • Dudley: "Yes! Now to park this baby before it can do any more damage." (controlling robot) "Oh look a nickel! I'm wrong, it was a bottle cap." (discards bottle cap)
  • (The Chief drives a green car down the street; stops for a red light)
  • The Chief: "My first new car in twenty years! Probably should have sprung for that bottle cap insurance, but what are the odds?"
  • (bottle cap crashes down onto The Chief's car, crushing him)
  • (scene cuts to table meeting in the D.O.O.M. lair; Snaptrap, Francisco, Larry and Ollie are in casts and bandages)
  • Snaptrap: "Agent Puppy has foiled me for the last time! Do any of you yahoos have a plan for getting rid of him?" (looks to Ollie) "Doctor Purple, you're raising your hand?"
  • Ollie: "Actually I don't..have a plan, this is just the way they set my cast."
  • Snaptrap: "Well.. maybe a nice bowl of Evil O's will give me an idea." (pours cereal into bowl; hypnotism device falls out) "Oh goodie, I got a prize! It's a hypnotizing thingy. That's it. I'll hypnotize Agent Puppy to act so cuckoo crazy, he'll get fired from T.U.F.F. Yes Doctor Purple?"
  • Ollie: "Cast, boss."
  • Snaptrap: "Right.. sorry."
  • (transition to the Chief in his office at the T.U.F.F. headquarters)
  • The Chief: "Agent Puppy, I'd like to give you a medal for foiling Snaptrap.. but I can't because I'm still trapped in my car!"
  • Dudley: (nervously salutes) "Sorry Chief... I'll replace the car, and your tiny CDs."
  • The Chief: "Yes Kitty, you have a question?"
  • Kitty: "No, this is just the way they set my cast."
  • (quick cut to Dudley at his desk in his office cubicle; beep)
  • Dudley: "Oooh I got an e-mail!" (video of hypnosis spiral appears on computer screen, Dudley is being hypnotized)
  • Snaptrap: (in video; he rings a bell while music is played and enunciates his words ) "Agent Puppy, whenever you hear the sound of a bell, you will obey my command. Only the sound of a second bell, will snap you out of it." (normal) "Can it Professor Pink! That music is giving me the heebie-jeebies."
  • (video ends, 'Dudley shakes his head)
  • The Chief: (via PA system) "Attention T.U.F.F. agents, report to my office for an emergency meeting." (red alert)
  • (agents bust into his office)
  • Kitty: "What's the emergency Chief?"
  • The Chief: (on his desk wearing a 'Top Chief" apron) "I'm entering the bake-off at the county fair.. and I need your opinion on these pies."
  • Kitty: "That's the emergency?"
  • The Chief: "Hey, first prize is a gift certificate to the tiny CD store!"
  • Dudley: (phone rings) "Hang on, it's the bone phone." (answers) "Hellooo."
  • Snaptrap: (rings bell via phone) "Agent Puppy, you're a hungry woodpecker and you think everything you see is made of wood."
  • Dudley: (hypnotized) "Must... peck... wood! HI-GEE-GEE!"
  • (Dudley pecks Kitty, Keswick and all of the Chief's pies into smithereens; kitchen timer rings, snapping Dudley out of his hypnosis; he is shocked by the mess he caused: everyone is covered in pie)
  • The Chief: "Agent Puppy, have you lost your mind?! I was up all night baking those pies!"
  • Keswick: (tastes pie on head) "He.. kinda did you a favor Chief. Who puts m-m-m-mustard in a cherry pie? I mean seriously people!"
  • Dudley: "I don't know what came over me. Guess I went a little crazy huh?"
  • Kitty: "Look, maybe you've been working too hard.. why don't you.. go take a break?"
  • (cut to Dudley sitting at his cubicle)
  • Dudley: (head leaning on his paws) "Kitty's right.. Maybe I am working too hard." (phone rings, answers it) "Hello!"
  • Snaptrap: (via phone, ringing bell again) "Agent Puppy, you're a pretty princess and you're late for the ball."
  • Dudley: (hypnotized) "Must.. get.. to the ball! Aaaah, HI-GEE-GEEEE!
  • (transition to The Chief wiping cherry pie filling off his desk's nameplate; Kitty and Keswick are standing with cleaning equipment)
  • The Chief: "There, that's good as new."
  • (Dudley breaks into office, riding a jackhammer)
  • Dudley: (wearing a dress) "I'm a pretty princess and I'm going to the ball!"
  • (chases The Chief, Kitty and Keswick with jackhammer, causing destruction in the process; alarm bell rings, snapping Dudley out of his spell)
  • The Chief: "Agent Puppy, what in the world are you doing?!"
  • Keswick: "Well apparently he's riding that jackhammer to some sort of b-b-b-ball."
  • Kitty: "What's going on, Dudley?!"
  • Dudley: "I don't know! One minute I was fine and the next I thought I was a woodpecker and a pretty princess and a... I was pretty right?"
  • The Chief: "Look Agent Puppy, maybe you just need a little R&R. Why don't we all go to the county fair? You can watch me win a blue ribbon in the bake-off!"
  • Keswick: "Yeah, like that's gonna happen." (to Kitty) "His pies taste like sh-sh-sh-shoes."
  • (transition Dudley, The Chief, Kitty and Keswick at the county fair; rendition of "Entrance of the Gladiators" plays)
  • Dudley: (still wearing dress; pulling Chief and his pies in a Radio Flyer-esque wagon) "Ah, you were right, Chief! I'm feeling better already. Good luck in the contest.
  • (everyone walks into the Pavilion of Pie tent; Dudley's bone phone rings again)
  • Dudley: "Hellooo." (bell rings)
  • Snaptrap: "Agent Puppy, you're an angry pirate... pillaging everything you see."
  • Dudley: (hypnotized) "Okaaay. Can I still be pretty?"
  • Snaptrap: "Sure you're drop dead gorgeous... NOW PIPE DOWN AND PILLAGE!"
  • Dudley: (puts on hat and eyepatch) "AARGH! YO-HO-HO! AAARRRRR-HI-GEE-GEE!"
  • (Dudley grabs wooden pole supporting tent [causing it to collapse] and brandishes it like a lance, wreaking havoc in the process)
  • Dudley: (flying through air) "Yo-ho me hearties!"
  • (Then he accidentally launches himself onto the ferris wheel controls, causing it to spin out of control and roll into the roller coaster, destroying it; the roller coaster cars land on the high striker, ringing its bell and snapping Dudley out of his trance, The Chief was BEYOND angry at Dudley)
  • The Chief: "That's it, Agent Puppy! You destroyed my car, my pies, T.U.F.F. HQ.. and the country fair! I'm sorry son, but you've given me no choice. You're fired."
  • (Dudley whimpers, breaks into tears and howls; Snaptrap observes him from a distance with binoculars)
  • Snaptrap: "Yippee! My plan worked! Agent Puppy is out of my life and I am free to wreak havoc on Petropolis. Fire up the robot Dr. Purple!" (Ollie gives a thumbs up)
  • (transition to sunset outside T.U.F.F. headquarters; Dudley is with Kitty at bus stop)
  • Dudley: (holding briefcases) "I can't believe this is happening to me Kitty. I'm nothing without T.U.F.F. If I can't be a secret agent, I'm gonna live out the rest of my days in solitude." (sad face)
  • (bus arrives)
  • Driver: "All aboard for Solitude." (violin plays depressing music)
  • Dudley: "Goodbye Kitty."
  • Kitty: (sad) "Goodbye Dudley.. and for what it's worth I did think you were pretty."
  • (Dudley is teary-eyed; he boards bus)
  • (cut to Kitty at her desk in T.U.F.F. headquarters)
  • The Chief: (hands Kitty a box) "Agent Katswell, you better clean out Agent Puppy's desk. He was a good agent.. too bad he was also a woodpecker, a pretty princess and a pirate."
  • (Kitty cleans out Dudley's desk; looks at framed of the two together)
  • Kitty: "(sigh) Oh Dudley, you're crazy but you're not that crazy. You're my partner. Well I'm gonna figure out what's really going on. Wait a minute." (checks Dudley's computer) "An e-mail from ruthlessrodent@doom.doom?" (opens video, then closes it immediately; gasps) "Dudley was hypnotized by Snaptrap! I've gotta find him."
  • (cut to a bearded Dudley playing the harmonica; Kitty manages to find him, talks through window)
  • Kitty: "Dudley!"
  • Dudley: "Kitty, is that you? It's strange to see a familiar face after living in solitude for so long."
  • Kitty: (narrow eyes) "It's been twenty minutes and you're in a crowded coffee shop.... Is that a real beard?"
  • Dudley: (pulls beard) "Actually it came with my latte.. with a cappuccino you get a mustache."
  • (gag of a frog with mustache is shown)
  • Kitty: "Listen Dudley, I've figured out what's happened to you. You've been hypnotized by Snaptrap." (bell rings)
  • Dudley: "I'm a woodpecker princess pirate! Hi-gee-gee!" (bell rings again; Dudley returns to normalcy)
  • Kitty: "That's it! You go crazy whenever you hear a bell. We've gotta get you back to T.U.F.F. so Keswick can unhypnotize you." (Snaptrap's robot emerges) "Oh no, it's Snaptrap! Changes of plans. C'mon."
  • Dudley: "But I'm still hypnotized and I could go crazy at any minute."
  • Kitty: "That's what I'm counting on."
  • (smooth transition to Dudley and Kitty driving off in the T.U.F.F. mobile; Dudley ejects from the car with the jetpack seat)
  • (Snaptrap and co. are inside the robot, eating takeout food from Taco Town)
  • Snaptrap: "These tacos are delicious! I'd go back to that place again if we hadn't accidentally crushed it."
  • (Dudley lands inside robot, still wearing his beard)
  • Larry: "Hey look, it's Santa! Can I have a pony this year?"
  • Snaptrap: "It's former agent Puppy, sporting a ruff n' tumble grunge look!"
  • Dudley: "That's right Snaptrap! And now it's time for a taste of your own crazy medicine!"
  • Snaptrap: (his cellphone rings) "Helloo?" (hands over to Dudley) "It's for you." (bell rings)
  • Kitty: (on phone) "Dudley, you are a karate chopping superdog!"
  • Dudley: (hypnotized) "Hhhhiiiii-gee-gee!"
  • (Ollie, Snaptrap, Larry and Francisco scream in fear; Dudley karate chops and beats them up - plunging Larry into a shark tank; Kitty rings bell again)
  • Dudley: "Sneeze button!" (presses; Snaptrap is ejected through the robot's nostrils and onto the pavement; Kitty and Dudley strike a pose over the dizzy Snaptrap)
  • (photo is used to transition to next scene [by means of a picture frame]; Kitty is at her cubicle in TUFF headquarters)
  • Keswick: "Good news, Agent Katswell. I s-s-successfully unhypnotized Agent Puppy."
  • The Chief: "Of course, after being in isolation for so long, he'll need some time to re-integrate into society."
  • Kitty: (annoyed) "He was in a crowded coffee shop for twenty minutes!"
  • Dudley: "Thanks for believing in me, Kitty! I missed you so much!" (teary-eyed, hugs Kitty)
  • Kitty: "It was only twenty.. ohhh, I missed you too." (embraces Dudley)
  • The Chief: "Come on! I baked some new pies to celebrate Agent Puppy's return"
  • Keswick: "Aah, gee thanks. Ooh, look at the time I need to delete that hypnotizing e-mail from Agent P-Puppy's computer." (at Dudley's computer typing; wipes sweat from forehead) "Woo, dodged a bullet there."
  • Dudley: "Careful Keswick."
  • Keswick: "No worries Agent Puppy, my mind is too powerful to succumb to hypnosis." (plays video)
  • (cut to Kitty and The Chief eating his horrible tasting pie in his office)
  • (Keswick breaks in riding a jackhammer)
  • Keswick: "I'm a pretty pirate princess who's late for woodpecker ball! Hi-gee-gee!"
  • (ending gag with The Chief, Kitty and Keswick; cut to end title card)
  • Dudley: "I got mutton chops with my puppachino!"
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