"Dog Daze"
Season 1, Episode 11
Dog Daze Title Card
Production Code: 106A
Airdate: November 27, 2010
Writer(s): Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Director(s): Ken Bruce
Storyboards by: Dave Thomas
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
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Dog Daze is the eleventh episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy and is a first season episode.


Verminious Snaptrap and his men are wreaking havoc in Petropolis with their new Snapbot. They also have new outfits because Snaptrap wanted to make a new look.  Their first plot is to rob the gas station because of the low mileage the Snapbot gets. Larry complains how his new clothes is too tight, but Snaptrap doesn't care. Francisco said that he doesn't mind the new look, but he hates the new names that Snaptrap gave them like Larry being Professor Pink and Ollie is now Dr. Purple. Soon Dudley and Kitty are on the chase of Snaptrap's robot, even though Dudley was chasing an ice cream truck. He gives Kitty the wheel by tearing it off, making the T.U.F.F. Mobile and Kitty crash. He flies into the Snapbot and launches the D.O.O.M. members out and picks up a bottle cap that he thought was a nickel and tosses it aside only for it to crush The Chief's new car.

Back at D.O.O.M. HQ, Snaptrap is fed up with Dudley always foiling him and needs a plan to get rid of him once and for all. He thinks Ollie has a plan because he's raising his hand, but it's only because it's how they set his cast. He gets an idea while eating a bowl of Evil O's with a prize inside. The prize is a hypnotizing wheel that he decides to use to hypnotize Dudley.

Meanwhile, The Chief is happy that Dudley defeated Snaptrap and wants to give him a medal, except he is stuck in his car! Kitty is fixed up from the crash and The Chief thinks she has a question, but it's just the way her cast was set the same way as Ollie's. Dudley goes to his computer and finds out that he has an email which turns out to be a video of Snaptrap using the hypnotizing wheel to hypnotize him and do whatever Snaptrap tells him to do whenever he hears a bell and only a second bell sound will turn him back to normal. The Chief then announces that he's entering the annual bake-off at the county fair, and Dudley gets a call from Snaptrap. Snaptrap then tells him that he's a crazy woodpecker, and Dudley starts pecking everyone and everything in sight. The Chief is outraged, since he was up all night baking the pies Dudley destroyed. Keswick, on the other hand, thinks it's a good thing because The Chief put mustard in a cherry pie. Dudley is brought back to normal and wonders what went wrong. He gets another hypnotizing call from Snaptrap saying that he's a pretty princess who's late for the ball. Dudley then puts on a princess dress and starts causing havoc with a jackhammer and destroys all of T.U.F.F. HQ. After Dudley snaps out of it, he asks if he really was pretty and they all decide to go to the county fair for Dudley to cool off.

At the fair, The Chief is entering the pie contest in hopes of winning a blue ribbon. Dudley gets another hypnotizing call from Snaptrap, and this time, he says that Dudley is a savage pirate pillaging everything he sees, but only if Dudley is still pretty, and Snaptrap reluctantly agrees ("You're drop-dead gorgeous"). Dudley then attacks the fair and brings it down with the pole for the pie tent. After he's brought back to his senses, The Chief, fed up with Dudley's unusual crazy and destructive behavior, fires him from T.U.F.F. This breaks Dudley's heart and shocks Kitty. Snaptrap, however, is more than happy to finally have Dudley gone for good and proceeds to get the Snapbot for another rampage.

Dudley, now fired, is devastated of what has happened to him and says his goodbyes to Kitty as he departs to solitude, who says her goodbyes and misses Dudley already (Also stating, "And for all it was worth, I did think you were pretty", which elates Dudley). The Chief tells her to clean out Dudley's old desk and that he was a good agent. He then says that it is too bad that he was also a woodpecker, a pretty princess, and a pirate. Kitty somehow doesn't understand why Dudley was acting crazier than he usually does and decides to get to the bottom of it. She finds the e-mail Snaptrap sent to Dudley and figures out what really happened and needs to find him.

Dudley is now alone and depressed and playing the harmonica until Kitty finds him. He can't believe that he's seeing her after so long, but Kitty says it was only 20 minutes since he left and he's in a coffee shop full of people. She asks if Dudley grew a real beard and Dudley says it's just a fake that came with his coffee and mustaches come with cappuccinos, proven with a nearby frog wearing one. Kitty tells Dudley that Snaptrap hypnotized him and finds out that whenever he hears a bell, he goes crazy. Before they can get back to T.U.F.F. so Keswick can unhypnotize Dudley, Snaptrap appears in his giant robot attacking the city, and Kitty decides that they should stop him first. Even though Dudley is still hypnotized, she has a plan.

Snaptrap and his men are now enjoying some tacos that they got from a place that they accidentally crushed and Dudley enters the Snapbot while Larry thinking it's Santa at first, but Snaptrap knows it's Dudley with a fake beard. Snaptrap then gets a call on his phone, but the call is really for Dudley, so he gives the phone to him. It's Kitty with a bell and hypnotizing Dudley, saying that he's a karate master. Dudley then attacks the D.O.O.M. members with his karate, drops Larry in the built-in shark tank, and presses the sneeze button launching Snaptrap out. Kitty snaps Dudley out of it, and the two of them are now reunited and Dudley is back in T.U.F.F.

Keswick says that he unhypnotized Dudley and he's back to normal. The Chief also says that he'll have to readjust after being in solitude for so long. Kitty keeps pointing out that he was just in a crowded coffee shop for 20 minutes. Dudley then hugs his old partner after missing her for the short time he was gone. Kitty, not caring about the short time, hugs him back. The Chief has baked some new pies to celebrate Dudley's return, but Keswick decides to go delete the e-mail Snaptrap sent to Dudley off his computer to avoid having to eat the pies. Dudley warns Keswick about the email, but Keswick says his mind's too strong to succumb to hypnotism...but that's proven false when he's suddenly a combination of everything Snaptrap hypnotized Dudley into being ("a pretty pirate princess going to the woodpecker ball") and chases The Chief and Kitty out the door thus ending the episode. Dudley appears at the end card wearing muttonchops that he got with his "puppucino".


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