• It is possible for this episode to be inspired from the TV show Get Smart, episode Back To The Old Drawing Board, where the main protagonist, Maxwell Smart (aka Agent 86) at the end of the episode turns to the side of good, thanks to his friendship (just like Dudley) a new modern, super intelligent and powerful robot named Himee, which belonged to the organization of evil, KAOS.
  • KIL-R is a parody of Johnny 5, from Short Circuit, and WALL-E, from the movie of the same name.
  • Keswick admitted that he doesn't like his job at T.U.F.F. however this doesn't tell whether or not he appreciates his friends at T.U.F.F.
  • This is the first time that Dudley does an urban gesture.
  • The Water Delivery Guy, Eric, made his second appearance. This time being given a speaking role. It was also revealed that he and Kitty were going to go on a date in this episode, but can't due to Keswick hitting him with a giant hammer.
  • The Chief is shown to have a long lost brother named Martin.
  • This is the second time that the Chief and Keswick have been shown arresting someone on screen. The first time Keswick made an arrest was in Snap-napped. As for the Chief, the first time he was seen arresting someone was in Internal Affairs.

Running Gags

  • Snaptrap constantly tripping over the mime's invisible ladder.
  • Dudley getting hurt while trying to film his traffic safety video.
  • Dudley broke the fourth wall twice when he mentioned the show was cutting to a montage — first with him and KIL-R, and then with T.U.F.F. capturing Snaptrap and his minions.
  • Someone mistaking somebody else to be an intruder.

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