• KIL-R: "Hello. My name is KIL-R. Would you like a cupcake?"
  • Martin Dumbrowski: "Herbert! I forgive you!"
    Kitty: "Intruder!"
    [Kitty zaps Martin who then storms off in anger.]
    The Chief: "Oh no! That was my long lost brother! He's finally come to forgive me for accidentally frying him with my blaster when we were kids!"
    [The Chief hops off after Martin.]
    The Chief: "
    Martin! Come baacck!"
  • Dudley: "Hey guys! Meet my friend Kyle-R!"
  • Snaptrap: "Stupid invisible ladder!"
  • KIL-R: "Dudley is awesome."
  • Snaptrap: "Did anyone find the robot's remote yet? All I found so far is my skull collection."
  • Kitty: "Wait a minute. Your name's not Kyle-R. It's KIL-R!"

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