--- way to day of fun and go another time.

Chief: What are you talking about?! I want to go today!!

Kitty leans over to the Chief and whispers their fake to Dudley

Chief: Oh! Uuh... Agent Tuna-Breath has a point. We will go another day>

Dudley: Thanks guys! You are true friends! I'll go grab a school disguise!

Kitty, Keswick, and Chief dash to the elevator right after Dudley left.

Dudley appears in the elevator as Kitty, Keswick, and Chief are about to exit the building, but Kitty, Keswick, and Chief seem to be in shock and they stop their selves by skidding.

Dudley: Ready for class! Hey, where are you going?

Chief: Um... Keswick found a penny in the hall. And, not Lava Land..!

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