"Disobedience School (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 28
Disobedience School Title Card.png
Production Code: 115A
Airdate: August 16, 2011
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Ray DeLaurentis
Director(s): Michelle Bryan
Storyboards by: Butch Hartman
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Story by: Butch Hartman
Music by: Guy Moon
Hot Dog
The Dog Who Cried Fish

This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, Disobedience School from Season 1. It aired on August 16, 2011.


Dudley: Woo hoo! Who's ready for Lava Land?!

(Activates Lava Land hat, and erupts on his nose.)

Dudley: AUUGH!!

Kitty, Keswick, The Chief: We are!

(Kitty, Keswick and The Chief activates their hats and erupts on their heads and leaves skin left.)

Kitty, Keswick, The Chief: AUUGH!!

Kitty: There's nothing like spending the day at an amusement park built around an active volcano!

The Chief: Yeah, even the life of the bathrooms is a thrill of it, and an adrenaline rush!

Keswick: Chief, I'm getting Intel that Snaptrap is broadcasting is own T-TV commercial!

The Chief: Don't tell me he's selling that stupid closet organizer again. I bought one and it didn't work. That's $11,000 dollars I'll never see again.

Keswick: No Chief, it's not Snaptrap's Snap-rack. It's even more diabolical.

(Intel starts commercial)

Snaptrap: Have YOU always wanted to be evil? Have the confidence of good training? Well good news! I'm Professor Snaptrap, founder of Snaptrap's School of Evil. And in an just one, short day, I can turn YOU into a super villain! And if you don't believe me, check out these testimonials.

Ollie: Snaptrap taught me how to shake down a first grader!

Francisco: He taught me how to laundry money!

Larry: Is your closet a disorganized mess? Then you need a Snap-rack!

Snaptrap: Wrong commercial, Larry!

(blasts Larry)


Francisco: Snaptrap taught me that!

Snaptrap: So if you want to be a villain, come on down to Snaptrap's School of Evil! Where evil is a snap!

(Intel switches off)

Dudley: Okay! Let's go to Lava Land!

The Chief: Not so fast, Agent Puppy! Snaptrap's up to something. One of you is going to go undercover and infiltrate the school. I need a volunteer to step forward.

(Kitty and Keswick steps back)

The Chief: Well done, Agent Puppy!

Dudley: What? No, WHAT?! That's not fair! Why do I have to go to school while you guys have the funnest day ever??

Kitty: Uuh, Dudley is right! It would be selfish of us to go to Lava Land without him.

Keswick: Yes! We should postpone our l-l-l-long. way to day of fun and go another time.

The Chief: What are you talking about?! I want to go today!!

(Kitty leans over to The Chief and whispers their fake to Dudley.)

The Chief: Oh! Uuh... Agent Tuna-Breath has a point. We will go another day.

Dudley: Thanks guys! You are true friends! I'll go grab a school disguise!

(Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief dash to the elevator right after Dudley left.)

(Dudley appears in the elevator as Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief are about to exit the building, but Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief seem to be in shock and they stop their selves by skidding.)

Dudley: Ready for class! Hey, where are you going?

The Chief: Um... Keswick found a penny in the hall. And, not Lava Land..!

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