• The episode's title is a play on obedience schools. These are schools that train dogs in order to learn how to behave properly.
  • This is the second time Dudley pretends to be a bad guy.
  • Dudley's school outfit is a parody of Donald Duck's sailor suit.
  • This is the second time Kitty gets a cast. It is the first time for Keswick.
  • It's shown that the maiden name of Snaptrap's mother is "Man'sbestfriendandhamandcheese".
  • This episode was part of Nick's U-Pick week, and won. (the U-Pick week later was revealed to be hacked two times - on Wednesday, when Doom and Gloom was supposed to premiere, and another unknown date, the second hack is why all shows in the middle of the voting system won).
  • Apparently, the Snap Rack costs $11,000.


  • When Snaptrap meets Dudley in disguise and points to him, his hand turns gray.

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