• Dudley thought that Kitty was a squirrel possibly because of her tail, despite her being called a cat in a few episodes, like in Kid Stuff.
  • In this episode we found out that the cute Water Delivery Guy's name is Eric, and that Kitty refers to him as "The Future Mr. Kitty Katswell".
  • The game show "Do You Know Your Partner?" is a parody of the classic game show The Newlywed Game.
  • This is the third time we see Kitty go into a hypnotic state with her eyes, the first being in The Curse of King Mutt, and the second being in Guard Dog.
  • Apparently, there's a reason why Kitty wears her gloves, but it's never mentioned why.
  • This episode's title is possibly a parody of Diary of a Mad Black Woman or Diary of a Madman.
  • It is unknown why Ollie and Francisco didn't appear in this episode.
  • This is the first time The Chameleon and Bird Brain work together without Snaptrap.
  • This is the third time The Chameleon is seen without his Molecular Transformation Suit.
  • Snaptrap isn't portrayed as a villain in this episode.
    • In fact, this is the second time that Snaptrap actually helped out T.U.F.F. by reading a mission briefing. The first time was in Doom and Gloom where he informed Dudley and Kitty what Larry's plan was, as well as letting them know the location of his G.L.O.O.M. headquarters.
    • During the first time when he helped, it benefited him by getting back at Larry. In this episode, he did it out of courtesy, since The Chief and Keswick were busy at the time.
  • It is revealed that Kitty has a sister who is in jail and, according to her mom, is prettier than her.
  • This is the second appearance of Mrs. Katswell even though it was really The Chameleon.
  • It's revealed why Kitty is in bad terms with her mother:
    • Her mother wants Kitty to get married.
    • Her mother wonders why Kitty hasn't called her on her birthday.
    • Her mother compares Kitty to her sister and why she can't be more like her.
  • Larry secretly desires to put a rattlesnake in Snaptrap's pants. Although not seen, he apparently succeeds as they are forced to cancel their trip to Hawaii.
  • A bit of The Chief 's past shows he never had any friends and was pretty much an outcast; it seems he is okay with this.
  • This is the only episode so far where Snaptrap, Bird Brain, and The Chameleon  appear in but don't team up. However, Bird Brain and The Chameleon do team up but Snaptrap is left out.
  • We found out that Bird Brain's weakness is a bird mirror with a bell and The Chameleon's weakness is his old seventh grade gym teacher.
  • It was mentioned a few times that Kitty is considered to have large shoulders.

Running Gags

  • Dudley bringing up stuff from squirrels to Kitty even though she does not physically look like one.
  • Someone bringing up someone else's weakness.


  • During one scene, The Chameleon is shown wearing glasses with his vacation wear. But his glasses shouldn't fit over his eyes.
  • At one point, Kitty's eyes turn red while talking to Dudley, but in the next scene her eyes are green again. But this may have been done to emphasize her feeling of rage, but this is not certain.
  • The Chameleon said that Kitty always wears her gloves, yet in other episodes we see her hands.
  • At the end, Bird Brain doesn't have his handcuffs on.
  • The Chief stated that they won't let him, Keswick, Snaptrap, and Larry on the plane due to Larry putting a rattlesnake in Snaptrap's pants. They would just let The Chief and Keswick on the plane and not Snaptrap and Larry instead.

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