• Kitty: "You love bacon with eggs without the eggs and extra bacon. Your favorite word is "bacon" and you like visiting Macon, Georgia because Macon sounds like bacon."
  • Dudley: "It's true! I do enjoy visiting places that sound like bacon! How do you know all that?! Do you spy on me from your "squirrel nest"?"
  • Kitty: "UGH! Just leave me alone so I can write nasty things about you in my e-diary!"

  • Dudley: "Why are you using a jet pack, Kitty? Aren't you a flying squirrel?"

  • Keswick: "Hey, Kitty, I just finished reading your d-d-diary aloud to everyone in the airport shuttle."

  • Kitty: "Kill you?! I can't even understand you!"

  • Dudley: "Why do you need a jet pack, Kitty? Aren't you a flying squirrel?"

  • Dudley: "What kind of candy?"

  • Dudley: "Freeze, Snaptrap! Drop the ukulele and step away from the boogie boards!"

  • Bird Brain: "Stop copying me! You dashing rascal!"

  • Kitty: "I'M PRETTY, TOO!!!!"

  • The Chameleon: "Actually, your shoulders are a little large. And we all know why you always wear gloves!"

  • Kitty: "It's Eric, the future Mr. Kitty Katswell! Can't stand knees weak... (thud; sticks tongue out) uhhh...... "
  • Dudley: "Your good looks may have gotten to Kitty, but that's just makes me jealous and want to punch you even more!"
  • Kitty: "Don't hurt his gorgeous face! (pounces Dudley to protect Eric after getting hit by a water jug) Okay call me, text me or email me. Four kids picket fence!"

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