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Daisy is Dudley's new girlfriend who appears in Girlfriend or Foe?.


Daisy is shown to be a female dog with slightly light yellow fur (almost like Becky's) with blonde hair made into a ponytail and light blue eyes. She also wears a purple bow/scrunchy on her hair, pink shirt, purple pants and no shoes.


She was first mentioned by Dudley when he said that he didn't want to work late because he has a date with her, then she made an appearance when she arrived at T.U.F.F. and both Dudley and Daisy were excited to see each other.


  • Daisy is shown to act as a stereotypical dumb blonde due to the few example shown.
    • Her eyes are shown to be crossed sometimes.
    • She kept jumbling her word whenever she talks.
    • She is shown to be super happy and sometimes squeals.
  • Daisy is Dudley's third crush. The first being Fifi Oui Oui (who was actually The Chameleon in disguise) from Puppy Love, and the second being Becky from Love Bird.
  • Daisy is voiced by Tara Strong, who is known for voicing both Timmy Turner and Poof from The Fairly Oddparents.
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