Verminious Snaptrap

  • "Larry! Are you pedaling to Acapulco?!"
  • "That does it! You're banned from the salad bar!"
  • "You disgust me, Larry!"
  • "Well, thank you, Captain Obvious!"
  • "Your boat! It's your boat! Make it stop!"
  • "You can snorkel in the shark tank, Larry!"
  • "Sorry, Larry! They were all out of WARM icebergs!"
  • "Check it out, guys! It's got GPS, Sonar, and an all-you-can-eat salad bar!"
  • "Pedal like your life depends on it, BECAUSE IT DOES!"
  • "Wait a minute! Now we're 102 miles from the cruise ship!"
  • 'Oh great, Larry passed out. When he comes to, everybody shun him."
  • "You want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Ollie, get on the bike!"
  • "Brace for impact!"
  • "Oh, Agent Puppy, fancy meeting you here. Care to visit our salad bar?"


  • "It's cold in here!"
  • "Big whoop! I don't even like salad!"
  • "But Snaptrap, I've already booked a D.O.O.M. time share at Acapulco. I wanted to go snorkling."


  • "Come to think of it, aren't you allergic to cheese?"
  • "Blue Cheese, Boss."

Kitty Katswell

  • "Once upon a time, I hit a dog with a clock! THE END!"
  • "Tuna-flavored lip balm, anchovy gum Here we go. Official T.U.F.F. tanning mirror."
  • "So hard to choose; give me a week to think about it."
  • "Okay, then give me seven days!"
  • "WILL YOU give it a rest?! Even bad guys have to sleep!"
  • "GRRRRRR!!!!!"
  • "Finally, some alone time."
  • "Dudley, what part of "I just want to relax" did you not understand?"
  • "You-YOU-YOU are doing a GREAT job!"
  • "I'm not really relaxing, I'm under-cover."

Dudley Puppy

  • "5AM and no sign of the bad guy."
  • "5AM and 3 Seconds and no sign of the bad guy."
  • "5AM and 5 Seconds and no sign of the bad guy."
  • "DON'T DRINK THAT! It could have been poisoned by the bad guy."
  • "I don't like that story."
  • "Please tell me the Chief's not naked on my head."
  • "But the cruise is only a week!"
  • "SURE!"
  • "The part where you said "I just want to relax."
  • "Can I have your Nachos?"
  • "No way, what's intel?"
  • "Still not following."
  • "But we're outside"
  • "I usually sleep on that side of the bed."
  • "Kitty? Kitty, Kitty? Hey Kitty, wake up. I can't sleep."
  • "Will you tell me a story?"
  • "Uh, my tail is caught in the door."
  • "It's Snaptrap Kitty, he's trying to sink the ship; and I got a captain's hat!"
  • "Prison's too good for Snaptrap. My hat and I have a better idea."
  • "Ok, we've been on vacation for ten minutes and the Chief's freaked me out TWICE!"
  • "That's good, cause I still haven't made any."
  • whispers* "I drained the pool to look for clues... there weren't any."


  • "For my first number, I'm going to sing a quick little d-d-ditty called Row, Row, rua-rua-Row your boat!"
  • "Row, row rua-rua-rua-rua-rua-rua."
  • "Keep your shirt on cu-cu-cowboy! I was getting to that."
  • "I'm gonna sing at the Karaoke Lounge."
  • "I'm not THAT big of a ga-ga-geek!"

The Chief

  • "I'm Chief of the world!"
  • "Ah, this is the greatest vacation ever."
  • "T.U.F.F. agents, we're on a critical mission. A mission to have fun on the annual T.U.F.F. vacation."
  • "Let's get this party started. WHOO! This is my one week of the year to let my hair down."

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