• The Caped Cod makes his third appearance in this episode, the first was in The Dog Who Cried Fish, and the second was in Doom and Gloom.
  • The Caped Cod now has a new sidekick named the Seal of Approval, whom of which, never speaks.
  • The Caped Cod is voiced by Mick Wingert instead of Chris Parnell in this episode. Why this change was made is unknown.
  • This is the sixth time that Dudley wore pants. The first time was in Puppy Love, the second was in Watch Dog, the third time was in The Wrong Stuff, the fourth time is in The Rat Pack, and the fifth time was in Snappy Campers. However, except in Watch Dog, this is the first time he has had a problem with wearing pants.
  • Al Croaker is an obvious parody of Al Roker.
  • This is the first episode where Kitty is called "beautiful".
  • This episode's name parodies the popular pet fish, goldfish.
  • In this episode, we learn that the Caped Cod went to middle school with Bryce Riceberg.
  • The Caped Cod not only thinks Dudley is the Dog King of "the surface world" but Kitty is the beautiful princess of Dudley's "kingdom". This is a possible foreshadow to Dudley and Kitty's future relationship.
  • The Danny Phantom logo is one of the wallets that Francisco licks. Reference to another one of Butch Hartman's shows.

Running Gags

  • Someone telling Dudley that he lives with his mom. Dudley responding by saying he's saving up for a go-kart, even though he is a fully grown dog.
  • Dudley cartoonishly freezing himself as soon as he throws them away.
  • The Caped Cod giving the Seal of Approval commands but instead getting eaten. Eventually, he's intentionally eaten.
  • The Seal of Approval clapping at tragic things.


  • When the Seal of Approval squashes the Caped Cod, it's shown that his head squashes the Caped Cod's helmet, so the seal's helmet should break it. But in the next scene, the Caped Cod's helmet is intact.
  • There is constant mention that if the Riceberg Icebird Iceberg melted it would flood the city. But due to the nature of density, if its already in the water it would already cause the water to rise, so if it had melted it would not have changed the water levels. For the same reason a piece of ice melts in a drink, it doesn't cause the drink to overflow. However, this could be disproven due to inane cartoon logic.

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