• The episode's title is a parody of the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • There is a poster with a UFO depicted that says "I WANNA BELIEVE" that is seen, this is likely a parody of the poster with a UFO depicted that says "I WANT TO BELIEVE" that is seen in Agent Mulder's office from the 90's sci-fi show The X-Files.
  • On Keswick's keychain you can see that it says "'Born To Rock".
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on December 8, 2012, but it was pulled due to a last minute scheduling change by Nickelodeon.
  • This is the third episode to have a schedule change issue in the U.S., it even had a preview on
  • This episode premiered in Latin America on March 18, 2013 before it premiered in the U.S.
  • This episode premiered in the U.K. on June 4, 2013 before it premiered in the U.S.
  • In this episode, Kitty uses a weapon. It is the same as the Power Loader from the film Aliens.
  • When Dudley Puppy uses a slingshot, it is a reference to the mobile/app game Angry Birds.


  • After Dudley captured D.O.O.M., Ollie's left foot is colored pink rather than tan.

Running Gags

  • T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. using Kitty's purse and taking money away.
  • The Chief crying about the mop, because Dudley gives them to the aliens.

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