• Dudley: "Did somebody steal Keswick's fish sticks from the fridge, 'cause it wasn't me!" *Burps out the sack of fish sticks*

  • Dorothy Camel: "I don't believe it! That was the most dynamic and creative performance I've ever seen, and I'm STILL not thirsty!"

  • Dudley: "How do I look, Kitty? I used your razor to shave my legs, and my back, and that guy. I may have gotten a little carried away."

  • Dudley: "I'm telling you, it's the old lady! YOU'RE GOING DOWN, GRANDMA!"
  • Old Turtle Lady: *faints*

  • Snowflake: "You see, Slush and I have never won a skating competition. Mostly because Slush is dumber than a box of hair. And I know, because I've skated with a box of hair. AND IT WAS SMARTER THAN HIM!!!"

  • Dudley: "I learn a lot in the car! I like the car!"

  • Dudley: "Well someone will find us eventually, and when they will, you and your old lady mastermind are going down!"

  • Dudley: "We got the whole team now!"
  • Kitty: "Your free to go, I'll explain it to him in the car."

  • Dudley: "I'm never taking this off."

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