Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo

Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo is a camp site in Petropolis that was only seen in "Snappy Campers." It is surrounded by a dynamite factory, a nuclear reactor, and an 88¢ store that sells bombs. Snaptrap was once a camper there during his childhood. Although he was disliked by everyone because he was a bully to the other junior campers, a cheater in every event, and he blew up the mess hall, because he hates cheese. As an adult he, along with the rest of D.O.O.M., returned to cheat his way into winning the Camp Champ award. When that didn't work, he tried to destroy the camp by blowing up the nearby dynamite factory and nuclear reactor, with missiles from the 88¢ store. However, he was stopped by Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell.


  • Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo is a parody of Camp Gitchee-Goomee Noonie-WaWa, an episode from the TV show Get Smart.


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