• "I can fly! I can fly! I CAN'T FLY!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Hope you two like birdseed!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Put a sock in it, Zippy, and light this cannon!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Now I will take back my toilet laser, and since it's attached to your mother, I'll be taking her too." (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "I think we've formed a real bond." (Thunder Dog)
  • "If anyone uses the jacuzzi after 10pm, there will be FINES!" (Thunder Dog)
  • "Aunt Lulu? I thought you went to Mexico!" (Thunder Dog)
  • "CURSE YOU, OLD MOOSE!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Hubba, Hubba! Let's run away to my love nest in the Canary Islands!" (Booby Trap)
  • "At last! My Thunderbird is fully charged!" (Thunder Dog)
  • "For you maybe, but I've got a bright future as an evil landlord!"" (Thunder Dog)
  • "One, I'm a male bird, and two, you just did!" (Monkey Business)
  • "Oh, you meant the other "duck"." (Puppy Unplugged)
  • "Who?! Where?! Great! Now I sound like my idiot henchmen!" (Thunder Dog)
  • "What I wouldn't give for a taser right now!" (Booby Trap)
  • "WE'RE NOT ELVES!" (Barking Bad)
  • "I don't have an escape hatch! Just walls with a lot of dry rot! Fear not! I shall glide you all to SAFETY!" (Barking Bad)
  • "I'm WIPPED! Oh, deaw. I sound widiculous." (Flower Power)
  • "And people wonder why I'm prematurely malting." (Thunder Dog)
  • "I've been sitting here so long, my blue bottom is black and blue." (The Curse of King Mutt)
  • "It is I, Bird Bwain! Or should I say Buff Bwain. I pwobably shouldn't say much, given the side effect." (Flower Power)
  • "Evewybody out! This is a wobbewy!" (Flower Power)
Bird Brain

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