Becky, or Loan Manager to Dudley, is the bank loan manager of the First Petropolis Bank and Dudley's crush. Her debut is in "Love Bird". She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Becky is a dog with light yellow fur, black hair, and eyes that look like Kitty's but with blue irises instead of green. She wears a dark purple short sleeve turtle neck dress with a black belt and boots. She is also seen wearing pink lipstick and has three black dots on her face.


She first appeared when Dudley and Kitty go to the bank to deposit the T.U.F.F. money and Dudley fell for her (even thinking her name is Loan Manager) and when Bird Brain was about to shoot her with his new invention, Dudley protected her and got hit with the invention instead, falling for him. She later appeared in the end when Dudley was free from the invention effects and Kitty helped them get together.


  • She is the female counterpart of Eric.
    • Both of them are attractive.
    • Both of them are the love interest of one of the two main characters.
    • Both don't work at T.U.F.F.
    • Both are the same species of their crushes.
    • Both are given names of what they do at their jobs.
  • Becky is Dudley's second crush. The first being Fifi Oui Oui (who was actually The Chameleon in disguise) from "Puppy Love".
  • Becky is Dudley's only crush that returns his feelings for her.
  • It is possible that she may return again in later episodes just like Eric did.


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