• The episode's title is a parody of the TV series Breaking Bad.
  • Here are the personalities and appearances of H.A.V.O.C. (the evil versions of the T.U.F.F. agents except for Dudley):
    • Kitty is angry and more feral using her natural animal instincts such as scratching and going on all fours, with red eyes and razor sharp claws. She only speaks in meows; often translated by Keswick or Snaptrap.
    • Keswick has a full head of Black hair, wears purple/yellow goggles with red eyes, has a hook for hand and sports a freeze ray.
    • The Chief sports a 5 o'clock shadow, wears a leather jacket and a skull shirt and openly claims he's a Wild Card by doing the smallest of dangerous moves such as opening an emergency exit when there's no emergency.
  • This episode is reminiscent of the Pig Goat Banana Cricket episode "Total Bananarchy".

Running Gags

  • Characters saying that they would go for pizza.
  • Snaptrap wanting to steal silverware.
  • The Chameleon keeps calling "ELFs" (Evil League of Friends).
  • Dudley licking pizza grease from his hands.
  • Kitty being feral.
  • The Chief being a "WILD CARD".


  • Keswick's evil appearance is different from Snapnapped.

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