• Keswick: "OKAY. I made the device. I'm not lying just so I can go to the ba-ba-bathroom."
    • The Chameleon: "Oh no! I've got to get in to the lab. Oh, thank goodness I know the code is "Not Bacon." (types in what he thinks is the password)
      • Computer: "Incorrect code. Access denied."

  • The Chameleon (disguised as "Future Dudley"): "Listen, you numbskull! "Not Bacon" was not the password, and where is The Chameleon's dry cleaning?"
    • Dudley: "I dropped it off at his house. Then, just to mess with him, I erased his hard drive". (cut to scene of Dudley smashing the computer)
      • The Chameleon: "What? His music was on there, that was over 4,000 songs he didn't back up, including his custom power jams for the gym! I mean, boy, you got him good (laughs nervously). Listen, if there's any hope of saving the future, you have to give me that access code."
        • Dudley: "Right, well, I was trying not to use the word "Bacon". So I thought about pizza, which I can't have. So maybe the password is "Sad."
          • The Chameleon: "Sad? Are you sure?"
            • Dudley: "I'm sure I'm sad."
              • The Chameleon: "Okay, I'll go with "Sad". Listen, In the meantime you need to do one more thing to save the world: clean The Chameleon's garage."

  • Dudley: "Saving the world!"

  • Kitty Katswell: "Keep working, Keswick. Here's a piece of pizza." (slides pizza under the door)
    • Kewsick: "I CAN'T REACH THE PIZZA! Oh, su-su-su-SURE! I guess I'll just STARVE!!"

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