Agreeable Kitty
Agreeable Kitty is a carbon base copy of Kitty Katswell. She appears once in the episode Carbon Copies. Like the original Kitty she is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Physical Appearance

Being a copy of Kitty Katswell, Agreeable Kitty has the same physical appearance as Kitty.


She was created by Dudley when he used Keswick's new simulation station when he lied saying Kitty said it was ok for him to use it. Later she, along with the carbon copies of Michael Crane and The President escape the station when Dudley reopened it and forgot to close the door. When Dudley is at his cubical he spotted Agreeable Kitty and recognize her as she as she gave him a gumball. Later when Dudley planed to put her back in, Keswick revealed that the copies of Crane and the President has escape and enter the real world. As Dudley and Kitty prepared to get the copies, Keswick was told to put Agreeable Kitty back in the station, only for him to overuse her to get a gumball he wanted and she exploded.


  • She is the only Carbon Copy not to return back to the simulation station due to Keswick overusing her to get the gumball he wanted.
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