• This episode aired on Nickelodeon Australia, New Zealand, Nickelodeon Latin America and Nickelodeon Brazil before airing in the US.
  • The episode title is a reference to A Tale of Two Cities.
  • This is the first appearance of Katty Katswell, the evil twin sister of Kitty.
  • Apparently Kitty already had a boyfriend who was allegedly stolen by Katty.
  • We learn that Snaptrap is lousy at digging tunnels.
  • It is discovered why Dudley does not wear pants, something that would have to do with buying pants with his mother.


  • Super Secret Secret Squirrel -

Running Gags

  • Dudley and Katty (as Kitty) licking each other.
  • Dudley tying Katty (being Kitty).


  • Dudley should know what jail is like as both he and Kitty had been there in Booby Trap.

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